Plus: she shares how she celebrated her first day with Al.

on Oct 1, 2013 - The Dish0

It's all about new beginnings for Caroline Manzo. After five seasons of starring on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, it's only fitting that she began shooting the pilot for her family's upcoming Bravo spinoff on Sept. 29 — the very same day the RHONJ Season 5 finale aired.

Caroline and husband Al celebrated their big first day with a tasty meal, of course. "Late Night run to Carnegie Deli w the man - pastrami - dr browns black cherry soda - pickle - life is good," she added. And today, she shared a photo of daughter Lauren filming an episode on her Instagram.

Manzo'd With Children will feature Caroline's devoted husband Al; her kids Albie, Chris and Lauren; plus Caroline's sister Fran.

Are you excited for Caroline's upcoming show Manzo'd With Children? Tell us in the comments.

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No,I won't be watching, glad you are gone!


I'm disappointed in Andycohen (as Caroline calls him).    If what radaronline posts is correct, and Dina Manzo is replacing Caroline on RHONJ, then:

1.  I'm disappointed in Andy.

If the second post is correct "(Dina insists that Jacqueline be fired"), then I will stop watching RHONJ totally.   I'm ashamed of Andy if he would:

1.  succumb to petty blackmail

2, give Dina Manzo that kind of power.


Caroline I'll be watching. I have always enjoyed your family.



 I question his taste all the way around.  Other people have been fired from the Housewives franchise who should not have been.  I am getting tired of watching the Housewives with all the manufactured drama.  I will watch the Manzo family show also.