Preorder How to Cook Like a Top Chef, hitting bookstores on July 14th.

on Jun 24, 2010 - The Dish0

Ready for some hot summer action? In the kitchen, that is. We here at Bravo HQ sure are, and so we've put together a fantastic five-course meal as a preview of Top Chef's soon-to-be-released book: How to Cook Like a Top Chef. It hits bookstores on July 14th, so celebrate Bastille Day (France's version of the Fourth of July, except it's ten days late) with a defiantly American meal. Here's a preview of what to cook.:

1. Ariane's tomato, watermelon, and feta salad: Delightfully light -- perfect for summer -- and healthy!

2. Suzanne Tracht's fried shallot rings: What's more American than fried foodstuffs?

3. Champagne Break! In the book, master sommelier Stephen gives a full description of what wines to pair with what foods, as well as a list of "dos and "don't"s. We're taking one of his "do"s ("drink champagne with everything") and making it into its own course.

4. Rick Bayless's Queso Fundido Burgers: What's more American than burgers? Ignore those Spanish words in the recipe title.

5. Michael Voltaggio's Apple Sorbet: A crisp, cool way to end the meal and cleanse your palate ... for seconds!

Preorder the book if you want these dishes (and many more) in full!