Ramonja, Aviva and the NY Housewives crew are taping today.

on Sep 20, 2012 - The Dish0

Andy Cohen Filming 'RHONY' Reunion
It's reunion time once again, and on this fine Thursday it's the ladies of Real Housewives of New York City getting some couch time with Andy Cohen to rehash all of the fireworks from the past season.

We were on the ground, and while we can't give any details away, the pic above shows off the posh set that Ramona Singer and the crew have been on all day. All of the ladies look gorgeous, and as has become the tradition in reunions, there's all sorts of sparkles -- be it in actual dresses or bling.

And because we're on the subject, during a break for lunch it seems Ramona and Sonja Morgan couldn't wait to get out of said dresses, as Lady Morgan tweeted this sultry little pic:

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Ramona and Sonja needs to tell Aviva EXACTLY where to get off. Apologizing for what? Bowing to Reed for what?  Aviva is not deserving of anything. These are grown women not friends yet, on the verge of being acquaintances.  Heather I like you but speak up and be more real. Carole you are so easygoing not wanting to hurt anyone or stir up the pot. Aviva where do you get off demanding?

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I just love Sonja and Ramona.....these are two ladies with CLASS...unlike Aviva....


Nice set ! I remember the first one of the OC ! And u guys even had the kids on. :) I feel like we are growing up together