The 'Top Chef' star weighs in on the harsh review read 'round the world.

on Nov 15, 2012 - The Dish0

Fabio Viviani and Guy Fieri

You've very likely heard about or read the harsh New York Times review of Guy Fieri's New York City restaurant. Pretty much every single aspect of the restaurant -- from the decor to the Donkey Sauce (yes, that's a thing there) -- was torn to shreds by critic Pete Wells, who declared that the staff was in on the fact that "this is not a real restaurant."

It turns out Fabio Viviani of Top Chef fame has some experience with this. When a critic torched his Firenze Osteria restaurant in a scathing review, Fabio just looked at it as all press is good press. "Sometimes a bad review can be the best thing for your career,” the Chef fan favorite told

He also has a little advice for Guy -- not so much on how to address any food issues, but how to deal with the nearly 250 employees of Guy's American Bar & Grill.

"If I were Guy Fieri, I'd sit down and say to my staff (and say), 'Guys, this is a restaurant, not a Food Network show.' You have to have a system in place," Fabio advised.

How would you respond to a nasty critique of your business? Fire back or ignore it so it goes away? Tell us in the comments!


Food critics are far harsher than the typical customer.  That being said, there is always SOME truth to a review like that.  Frankly, I'm not sure why Guy would open a 250 employee restaurant in Times Square and then just leave it to allow others to run it as they see fit.  If I had that location, and that size of a place, I'd put my TV career on slow motion and be there MYSELF at least 50% or more of the time.


Even if it is bad, it's Time's Square.... one of the few places where due to "1 time visitor" tourists, you could stay open with a soso place and not have to worry about whether the locals ever come back or not.  Hopefully though, it's not that bad.