Jeff Lewis and Co. return tonight at 9/8c.

on Jul 9, 2013 - The Dish0

Bravo’s dynamic design trio is back: Season 2 of Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis premieres tonight at 9/8c. There are so many reasons to celebrate the return of Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos, and of course, Zoila Chavez, but we’ve listed 6 of our top reasons you can't miss the premiere.

1. Jeff and Jenni Are Back!

The way they go at it, you’d think Jeff and Jenni were an old married couple. On the contrary, they are anything but. But married or not, we love their chemistry, even if it has led them down a troubled road in the past.

2. More Fabulous Renovations Than Ever--Crack Houses Included!

The season 2 premiere features a house that, according to Jeff, “looks like a crack house.” But fear not—one couple’s crack house is another couple’s soon-to-be treasure. And you'll never believe how Jeff and Jenni transform it.

3. There's an Emphasis on 'Therapy'

As much as we love the design aspect of the show, we’re also suckers for the more emotional side, too. “When I see a problem with the way a house looks,” Jeff says about the couple in the season two premiere. “It tells me there’s a problem with the people who live there.” And tonight’s couple sure do have a lot of problems, from hoarding gifts to having a major meltdown over Jeff’s renovation plans for their home.

4. One word: Zoila

Do we really need to explain this one? Interior Therapy wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite, feisty housekeeper.

5. This Happens…

Why are you excited for the return of Interior Therapy? Let us know in the comments.


Love Jeff's attitude because I use to think wow he is a jerk but I figured out he is jerk when he knows he is right! Just like me! Now I have to watch him on any show he does because he really is the best at what he does and that's free make over tips! I wish I could change everything but just like this show I'm fighting a losing battle with my husband and redecorating! If you ever come to louisiana our home is yours to change! Love your show


Jeff, please come to Houston TX and put some life in my house (right now its your favorite style Tuscan-lol). I love your style! xoxox


I love Jeff I wish he would come to Maryland and revamp my house, It is long overdo and  really needs it. I lost my husband a year ago this month and things have been really rough this past year. I would let him do anything to my house, yard or the eye sore of a garage. Doesn't hurt to wish. Hell I would let him knock my house down and start from the ground up, talk about a clean slate. Love you Jeff, keep the shows coming.