The 'Vanderpump Rules' beauty joins the ranks of Bravo pop stars.

on Feb 5, 2013 - The Dish0

Hear Scheana Marie's Single 'What I Like'
She's not a Housewife, per se, but Scheana Marie has officially joined the ranks of Bravo stars with dreams of Grammys and musical stardom, and as you saw with her performance last night on Vanderpump Rules, there's a whole lot of sex appeal to her new single "What I Like' -- which we have right here for you.

The electro-pop dance tune is a bit reminiscent of Melissa Gorga's pop adventures, and even -- dare we say it -- resembles a little bit of modern-day Britney Spears or Ke$ha with its production. In a Q&A with, Scheana tells us that getting on stage to perform her debut single was "one of the most nerve wracking experiences of my life!"

"I hadn't done trained dancing in years and picking up choreography is not as easy at 27 as it was at 17," Scheana says, adding that "singing live for the first time in front of a huge group of people just stressed me, because I didn't knowing if I would sound like complete s--- or not." Thankfully, her childhood dance training and overall diva-dom took over, and, as she says, "once I got on stage it all came back to me. All the performance training I had as a child and through college just came right back in and I took over the stage -- splits, booty poppin', and all."

Scheana says she'd "love to travel around the country to clubs and hear my song playing and get on the mic" should someone afford her the opportunity. Watch her live performance, and then bop your head all day long with our Housewives-loaded Spotify mix below:


She doesn't have the best voice...but this is the first Bravo "singer" track that I have paid for...Its a good song...made me dance


 @Mish44 i agree Mish44...she cannot sing...they need some rockers on this show to give it a little "umph" like Alice in Chains (my all time favorite) or Alter Bridge....the names could go on & this show makes you want to watch it...i think Lisa is the best!!!