You'll never guess what the RHOC star revealed on 'Bethenny'

on Oct 25, 2013 - The Dish0

When Heather Dubrow of The Real Housewives of Orange County stopped by Bethenny: No Limits, the conversation took an embarrassing—and racy!—turn when she revealed an embarrassing secret to the audience.

Opening up about life with her kids and her marriage, Heather brought up a super cringe-worthy time when her son, then 7, walked in on his parents getting busy.

"We did have one very uncomfortable moment a couple of years ago where my son walked in on me and my husband, and it was a very quick recovery!" she says. "He saw nothing..."

Host Bethenny Frankel had a different take on the embarrassing debacle. "I'm so happy you're having sex after four kids!" Heather laughs. "The key to a good marriage is separate bathrooms!"

Head here to watch Heather reveal her secret and tell us: do you think this is an embarassing revelation?

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BFD!  The way it was advertised I thought that kid saw the vet put their dog to sleep. First of all my parents always locked their door and second they taught us to knock before entering. I remember I forgot all the rules (I can't remember why) but my parents first grounded me for not obeying the rules and second that they were playing twister. As I look back now when both of them have passed... I don't remember seeing the board or the spin a wheel LOL! So Heather quick lesson. LOCK YOUR DOOR! When your kids catch you in the midst of romance it depends on the age of the child but let me tell you, they'll forget it before you do. I can't believe that tag line had me respond. Worse yet I can't believe you don't know how to lock your door.