The Interior Therapy star dishes on the toll Jenni's pregnancy took on their business relationship.

on Jul 22, 2013 - The Dish

We've all heard about the crazy cravings and changes that sometimes affect pregnant women, and according to Jeff Lewis, his Interior Therapy co-star Jenni Pulos is not immune to them. Pulos and her husband recently welcomed a baby girl into their family. But Jenni's pregnancy wasn’t all sunshine and roses for Jeff.

In the clip below, he dishes on what it was like working with a pregnant Pulos, who, according to Jeff, slowed down in more ways than one while she was expecting.

“We have a lot of stairs from my front door to the garage,” he said jokingly, “so I would always have her leave the office a good 45 minutes before me so that way she’d be in the car by the time I was ready to go."

In addition to her physical incapacitation, Jeff also diagnosed Jenni with a rare case of “pregnancy brain.”

“I don’t know if your brain swells when you’re pregnant, but she was a little slower,” Jeff said about Jenni, who is normally on top of things. “She didn’t remember anything.”

But all of the teasing is in good fun. After a rough patch last year, Jeff and Jenni have returned for season 2 of Interior Therapy.

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