'Top Chef' stars unite to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

on Nov 6, 2012 - The Dish0

Angelo Sosa's Hurricane Sandy Benefit Dinner

Some of Top Chef's finest were once again in the kitchen together on Monday night, though there was no competition at hand or some sort of crazy challenge. Instead, five of the show's alum joined forces to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims with a four-course dinner organized and hosted by Angelo Sosa at his Añejo restaurant in New York City.

Upon seeing the devastation that took place in New York City and the East Coast, Angelo was inspired and made some phone calls for what would eventually wind up as last night's dinner event. "I really have to say I'm very touched at how all of this came together," Angelo said at the event. "It was literally an idea from early Friday afternoon, and everyone didn't even think twice and made it happen. I'm really touched. Everyone literally just jumped in and stayed up endless hours to make this happen."

Using his rolodex, Angelo was able to score all of the food via donation and got his Chef pals Dale Talde, Kevin Sbraga, Jennifer Carroll and Grayson Schmitz to come together and cook a 4-course meal for diners with all $100 of the menu cost going towards relief for storm victims.

It wasn't even a question whether Dale would participate. "It was a no brainer," he said "It was the least we can do. Where I live in Brooklyn, you can see Staten Island and you can see Red Hook and all of these really damaged areas ...  For me, there's nowhere else I'd rather be. To give back and to get money raised for this -- it's one of many things we plan on doing to give back to the community. You're doing it for the community, for the same people that patronize your restaurant, the same chefs you call for a reservation at their restaurant. It goes out to these people who lost business, lost work, lost lives, lost homes."

And even with the somber, reflective mood, good-natured ribbing is just part of the game when you get a bunch of chefs like these in a room. Dale's chocolate pudding dessert course inspired Angelo to bust his chops in a way that had the room howling with laughter. "For dessert, on top of the hurricane relief, Dale wanted to pay homage to Bill Cosby. Just so you know, tableside we'll be peeling back a plastic layer from on top," he joked.

Click here to donate to the Red Cross, and stay tuned for more Top Chef benefit dinners to come!

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Hi Chefs,

   I think what you all did was great! I live in NJ and I was affected by Hurricane Sandy as well. I was without heat, hot water, electricity, phone, internet-I mean I had nothing. We got back our power this past Monday, 11/5, so I was in the COLD for one week. My apt. was absolutely FREEZING!!! I am not a well person so the cold really has taken its toll on me. I had to throw everything in my refrigerator away, money thrown away that I cannot afford to lose. I never thought how bad it would be without power but I think the worst part was not having any HEAT! There was someone the other day that was quoted as saying "oh come on how bad can it be? The weather channel blows things out of proportion all the time, they wear over-sized windbreakers so that the effect of the wind would look much worse than it actually is." To whomever that person was, I would like to say "I wonder how you would like it if you were sick and were not able to get warm, eat hot food, nothing for a week?" People have some nerve talking the way they do, seeing on the news how bad the devastation was. Those pictures were not made up. I would like to say that my nephew works for Chef Talde in Brooklyn, NY and I am very happy that he gave his time and talent for such a good cause. I have heard nothing but good about Chef Talde and now knowing that he did this along with the others just confirms all that I have heard. NY and NJ appreciate all that everyone has done to help us at this time. God Bless and Keep All of You. 


Thank you.

Cynthia C.