James Lipton picks Sunday's big winners.

on Feb 18, 2009 - The Dish0

Going to an Oscar party on Sunday and you have to fill out a ballot? Oh, the only movies you saw this year were Beverly HIlls Chihuahau and Witless Protection Program? Don't you worry because we've got you covered. Actually, James Lipton does! He's graciously offered up his picks for the major Academy Award categories, and we know he knows a thing or two about acting...

Check it out HERE.

Take it away, Dean Lipton...


Love you James...Just read article you are 86...and they are saying it's amazing...You look terrific..that's what 86 should look like. I just turned 65. Why do people think we are supposed to fall apart at certain ages.  I would love you to read my commentary below on the term senior citizen:


It is a New Year and I will be 65 in January 2013. Happy to be on this earth. I am a woman whose mom always was proud of her age. She never lied about it. Thank goodness I have taken after her. However, a dear friend and I are turned off by the term "senior citizen." The term connotes negativity about growing older. We feel that its mere mention translates into: nursing home, gray hair, frailty, lack of goals/passion and the like. Therefore, my friend, Bonnie, and I are bi-laterally changing this term to "Seasoned Contemporaries." Yes, we know the word contemporary means to most someone who was born around the same time and is around the same age. However, there are other definitions: 1. modern and up-to-date; 2. belonging to the same time period. Therefore, when Bonnie and I use the word "contemporary" we mean all people who inhabit the earth at the same time. We are living here on Earth side by side with all the 5 year olds and all the 99 year olds. We are all contemporaries. Therefore, goodbye to 2012 and to the old term senior citizens. We are seasoned contemporaries. Spread the "words." Theresa