The RHONJ star says she "was never afraid to tell anybody" about her son's autism.

on Sep 5, 2012 - The Dish0

Jacqueline Laurita

When Jacqueline Laurita and her husband Chris opened up to the world about their son Nicholas being diagnosed with autism, there was no fear in the Real Housewives of New Jersey mom's heart about going public with the news.

"I was never afraid to tell anybody," Jacqueline tells All Media NY in a candid interview -- her first since the initial story in People Magazine. "I don't feel it's anything to be ashamed of. My son is a beautiful, smart, happy, loving boy who just happens to have Autism. He brings us joy everyday. He's adorable and a we consider him a blessing."

Jacqueline says that she and Chris "parent Nicholas with lots of love, hugs, kisses and praises," and have also tried customizing his diet to help build his development and ensure Nicholas is getting the proper nutrition. "We've been looking into other options for treatments that could help him as well," she adds.

Perhaps the biggest surprise and upside to going public with the story was the outpouring of public support from fans of the show -- or just parents in a similar situation.

"So many have openly shared their stories with us," Jacqueline says in the interview. "It's been so overwhelming in a good way. We are so grateful and we are looking into each and every tip we get. You never know what will be the missing piece to our sons recovery. We are very optimistic about it."

As for her fellow RHONJ friends, Jacqueline said that they were all aware of the diagnosis before the story, and that "all of my cast mates have reached out to us for support except for Teresa, but that was to be expected."

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I don't understand. All last year you were trying to help Theresa and her brother get close again. And then when they finally get close you try to tear them apart. What is wrong with you?


Jacqueline, you and your family are beautiful. look, i do know you are a grown woman, but you have to stop giving people power over you life and happiness. You are to good hearted. To a fault. do not give anyone that power. You are young beautiful, and more. all woman are allways going to not like you. so STOP. you know better now. I love watching you, but not the teresa bs. Take care.


reality check.... Has anybody thought that Jacqueline play's the " innocent card" why is it that she finds her self being nosy when her own husband has told her mind her own business.why is she twitting, messaging  on a topic or situation that does not involve her..if we watch the past episodes , Teresa defended Dina, Caroline ... at the table flipping... not Jacqueline  something is really wrong.  Caroline made a statement that they are thick as thieves- don't thieves, lie , cheat , steal , etc.   --- Tori


I watched the commercial for the upcoming shows.i was appauld at just the i can only imagine what the episodes will bring.I never thought teresa wold thin of jacqueline as anything but a friend. i mean she has stood up for teresa for years and this is what she gets for it?! she would never set her up-i really dont think anyone would but she is off of her rocker,so who knows what she will say next! teresa,you are really being a bully! jacqueline is the sweetest person on that show.i mean really? and she trying to bully calroline by using dina.cant dina see that teresa is only USING HER??? MOG! SOMBODY WAKE THIS WOMAN UP!


Ten years ago we adopted our grandchildren.

Joshua was 3 months at the time. He was diagnosised at age 3.

We were heartbroken--not for ourselves but for him . We know this world can be mean or we thought we knew. He is so sweet, smart, funny- just a joy.

He has been bullied since day one. The school did not tell us. We found out through parents. Then he started crying every night and praying his weirdness would go away and maybe the kids would like him.

Long story short I now homeschool him. I feel guilty I didn't do it sooner. We make sure he is involved in activities that with socialize him.

People that don't take the time to know autisic children are missing out. They are such unique people.

I've always thought your little boy was precious. You and Chris are such good parents. Y'all are just good people. Chris was always so wonderful to your daughter.

If Teresa had someone like Chris maybe she would be a happier person.. You know deep in side she is just dying. She is not stupid---she know he is running around on her. He never has a kind word for her. That is still no excuse to treat people the way she does.

I bet Nicholas & Joshua grow up to be amazing people and when some of these so called perfect people apply for a job with their company they can say "no you are just too perfect".