Even after marrying, the RHOM star says their drives still don't always match.

on Aug 29, 2013 - The Dish0

Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago have only recently tied the knot, but, like any other married couple, they've run into a few snags. This time? Joanna says they've continued to have romantic issues even after getting married.

"He can go ever without [sex]," Joanna reveals to Life & Style. "Then when we have a conversation, it turns into an argument. He doesn't feel anything is wrong—and I just want to be thrown down."

But does Romain's lack of sex drive mean he's pursuing other women? Not necessarily. "Of course, his lack of interest in sex had me question if he was cheating," she says.

Instead, the pair have started seeing a therapist to work on their issues and after three months, things appear to be getting better, according to Joanna. "Since I met him, something was off," she says. "I now feel that the issue of him not caring to have such as much as I do has come from his childhood."

Now, they're trying to appease each other's desires by scheduling sex. "Sometimes it's once a week, sometimes every other week, sometimes every three weeks...We made a commitment when we got married. I just want to feel that passion."

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 Joanna I hope your sex life improves!!  I'm in the medical field a lot of men don't realize that if that don't have a strong sex drive they may have low testerone.. its a simple blood test to find out..  And its a very simple thing to rectify!  and its also very common! Most men have no idea that their level of testerone is low!  A good sex therapist should have that ruled out with the blood test... first and foremost....


They are both young. She is so gorgeous and he is handsome is hard to understand. 


 @Dolphin3636 Joanna, please stop with the no sex talk. I am so tired of hearing it, and u should stop saying that Romain is the girl in the relationship it is degrading. I do not see how and why u got married. It seems u have more problems than I have in my married life and I am going on 27 years. I can't say I felt bad for u when u stayed in the relationship. Stop crying about it.

I thought that u had made amends with Adrianna at Lisa's get together this season? what happened? and Romain acting like a jerk at Alexia's party what was his problem? did not want to hear the truth from Adrianna and her fiance? Don't get the attitude.