The RHONJ stars sound off on the correct term for the Italian staple.

on Aug 19, 2013 - The Dish

Anyone who's cooked a hearty Italian meal knows the classic debate: is the red stuff that tops off a plate of spaghetti called sauce or gravy?

In the latest installment of Joe and Rosie Explain..., Joe Giudice and Rosie Pierri put an end to the culinary confusion once and for all.

Joe and Rosie are no strangers to the delicious concoction. But when it comes to calling it gravy, Rosie just won't have it. "I make a good sauce," Rosie reveals. " I hate when they say gravy. It's not f---in' gravy! It's sauce!"

"It's like a discrimination to the Italian sauce. You can't discriminate the sauce," Joe Giudice agrees.

The main difference between the two toppings? Rosie makes it clear that it's as simple as their colors. "Gravy's brown, motherf---er."

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