The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star says the big spenders are aplenty these days.

on Jun 28, 2012 - The Dish

Josh Altman

Got a few million bucks or at least a line of credit around that amount? Allow Josh Altman to potentially sway you towards buying a wildly expensive house.

"The high end market is on fire," the Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star told the Orange County Register in an interview. While a lot of Americans aren't really buying up mega-mansions, Altman says that overseas buyers are snagging luxury homes left and right because they "feel U.S. real estate is more stable than their country's economy."

Altman's has his fair share of celebrity real estate encounters, and recently he helped his client buy Britney Spears' $7+ million estate at a whopping discount. "I think it's a great house ... She (Spears) paid $7.25 million for it. My client got an amazing deal," he said of the deal.

So what's the big secret to his success? Straight-up hustle, Josh says. ""We are literally the hardest working guys in this town ... We live, sleep and breathe real estate. That's the only way to really become successful in this town and in general."

Check out Josh in action in a clip from MDLLA.