Takes Twitter followers along on Ft. Lauderdale jaunt.

on Oct 27, 2010 - The Dish0

When you have a body like Kelly Bensimon, apparently bikini season never ends. The Real Housewives of New York City star was caught by the paparazzi yesterday while soaking up the sun during a vacation in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. TMZ snapped her taking a dip wearing a sexy black bikini and flashy shades.

Though her time at the pool may have been a field day for the press, her loyal Twitter followers got the full scoop on Kelly's trip — She even asked her fans for partying advice!

"Where's the best place to get good food and fun drinks in ft. Lauderdale??" she tweeted. The New York gal fit right in on the gold coast, crossing paths with one of Florida's chief pop exports, Joey Fatone. She told her followers, "Met joey fatone tonight. What an amazing and funny guy and DAD. Sooo funnnn"

The trip was just a few days long, but Kelly really seemed to enjoy herself. Before she left, she tweeted, "Just ran the boardwalk on ft lauderdale beach, took a dip in the warm ocean, and exfoliated with the sand. Byeee florida"

We've got to hand it to her — the woman knows how to make the most of her time! It's nice to see Kelly enjoy herself on a vacation. After this season's trip to Poison Island, we're surprised Kelly would ever want to be by a beach every again!


stacey miller
stacey miller

hi kelly i watch the Reunion and what you said was true and i agreed with every thing you said i don't think your insane if so you can join my club i loved the way you got up and just walked it take a big person to do that and you are so better then them and being on playboy is a great thing to do not many people get to have that chance to and your a single mum i a single mum and i am so inspired by you dont worry about any body else just worry about you and your kids thats what matters cos its your life they can either love it of leave thats what i say love you kelly your the best and stay been you not what those bitches want you to be your fan stacey