The Top Chef fan fave responds to his big win.

Dec 21, 2009 - The Dish


Congratulations to Kevin Gillespie, the Top Chef fan favorite this season! We asked Kevin about the win, and here's what he told us:

I want everyone to know how much it means to have so many people stand behind you. I cooked the food that I believed in and was the person who I am proud to look at in the mirror everyday, and never could have expected such a response from America for being just that. Its amazing to win the 10K dollars and frankly I have no idea what I will do with it, but more than the money I am most appreciative of every vote I received and every person's support, without which I wouldn't be here.

Thank you all so much.
Kevin Gillespie

Watch Kevin take the prize on Watch What Happens Live! in the clip , and be sure to congratulate Kev in the comments below!