The RHOBH star opens up about going under the knife.

on Jul 19, 2013 - The Dish0

It's no secret that Kyle Richards has had plastic surgery, but now the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star is opening up about why she underwent the knife.

"The surgery made me feel better!" she gushes about her improved self-esteem to Life and Style.

Richards had her nose reshaped in 2006—before surgery, it made her feel "self-conscious"—and got liposuction following childbirth. "After having four kids, no matter what exercise I did, the love handles wouldn't go away."

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The Housewife, who has also maintained a bikini body with a dieting regimen, points out that she's not turned into a living Barbie doll. "See, look, I can move my eyebrows," she jokes. "This is a trick in Beverly Hills!"

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I'm watching reruns of RHBH and Im reminded of why you are my least favorite housewife, as I watch the new season of different franchises I will start to think that I dislike someone more than you but Im quickly reminded that while there are a few of the women that run a close second or third, you always take the prize. I honestly think you are the most superficial, most hateful housewife out there. You against Kim, you and Kim against Brandi, you and Camille, well you get the point. You and Faye are a real team of mean girls.