Look for Mother Monster to create more unforgettable memories on Watch What Happens Live tonight!

on Sep 11, 2013 - The Dish

Lady Gaga is known for her entrances...as well as her exits, her outfits, her hairstyles, her speeches, her music videos, and just about everything else she does. We're sure the pop star will deliver a memorable moment (or 20) when she appears on Watch What Happens Live with our own Andy Cohen tonight, so we wanted to get you pumped for Mother Monster's first visit to the Bravo Clubhouse with a look back at five of her most unforgettable flashes in the limelight.

5. Lady Gaga Attends VMAs on the Skinny Arm of Kermit the Frog

When Lady Gaga emerged from her limo outside the 2009 MTV VMAs, she was smooching a familiar but unexpected companion: Kermit the Frog. "He's been a really good date," Gaga said at the time. The Frog, for his part, insisted he was still loyal to Miss Piggy: "We're just friends!"

4. Lady Gaga Fights Madonna on Saturday Night Live

The perceived rivalry between the Queen of Pop and the Mother Monster is a favorite topic for bloggers and pop fanatics, and the two superstars gave everyone something to gab about by appearing on SNL together in October 2009 — and play fighting for the cameras. "What the hell is a disco stick?" Madonna demands. "I think you know," Gaga responds as the two tussle in good fun.