Get a sneak peek into the explosive party at Heather Dubrow's.

on Jun 18, 2012 - The Dish

Number Four: There will be ponchos!
One party guest goes so far as to don a poncho, lest she end up like attendees at Vicki's Season 6 affair. Safety first!

Number Five: Did we tell you Brooks bought Vicki a fur?
He did, and she's telling everyone about it. How can he have money troubles if he's buying animal pelts! Plus Vicki looks great in it.

Number Six: There will be reconciliation you didn't see coming.
We're not going to give you too much on this one, but one of O.C.'s longest standing feuds is settled. It's a left-field twist we didn't see coming, so be on the lookout.

Number Seven: Someone has a "sugar problem"
There have been many fights in Housewives history over seemingly trivial things -- the tone taken at a game night, the appropriateness of cookbook jokes, attendance at music video shoots. But no knockdown dragout yet has been kicked off by cake. That is until now.

Sarah Winchester, has so far been best known for yelling at Vicki at a bowling alley. Heather was less than pleased to see her as Alexis' plus one, and even less pleased then that when she broke a piece of her ceremonial cake.


We can tell you it only gets more insane from there.

If you want to see how it all plays out -- and see if Heather’s helpful presentation of an Oreo is enough to fix Sarah's "sugar problem," tune in to Part 1 tomorrow at 9/8 C.