Tom Colicchio turns up with tips for aspiring restaurateurs.

on Sep 22, 2010 - The Dish0

Confession: we're going through Tom withdrawal. Sure, Top Chef D.C. said farewell less than 24 hours ago, but still find ourselves sharpening our knives aimlessly while staring blankly into the middle distance... where have you gone, Tom Colicchio? What tasty meal are you enjoying right now, and why aren't we there to share it with you?

It's going to be a long few months until Top Chef Season All-Stars premiers in December, but  Tom is never far... You just have to know where to look. Today, we found him talking to Newsweek, detailing what it takes to run a successful restaurant. It's great to savor and prepare great food, but Tom points out that there's much more to it than that. His advice? "You need to know that just because you're good at some aspect of cooking doesn't mean you can run a place."

Wow Tom, giving it to us like a judge's table! We like it! Tom's adamant on the finances of running a restaurant, and suggests employing a business-minded right hand man to run the financial side of things. For more priceless advice -- and more Tom -- check out


Tom, Maybe you are at home with your family for a well deserved home time. Thank you for Season 7 - I really enjoyed it up till the last minute. Will we see you on Just Desserts? I cannot wait till the TC All-Stars. I am sure that some of the fan favorities were asked to attend and couln't. Everyone has a favorite and you cannot please everyone. This will be such an exciting show - the best against the best. And we already know the chefs, if you are a true TC Fan. It usually takes about 3 episodes to learn who is who - not with TCAS. I had posted about this at the beginning of Season 7 that I would like to see a show made up of past chefs - not the winners - the almost should have won - chefs. And I got what I asked for. Tell Gail to get going with her Blog. You have been faithful giving us a Blog after each show - Gail, you are two behind. OliveAnne FloridaFan