The RHOM star says Elsa's stroke brought parents closer together.

on Oct 1, 2013 - The Dish0

The Real Housewives of Miami's Marysol Patton is taking it one day at a time as her normally feisty mom, Elsa, recovers from a stroke.

On a recent blog post, Marysol calls the stroke "an agonizing experience that today still tortures me emotionally." She writes that she still goes to her mom's house and tries to envision the larger-than-life Elsa "walking around laughing and being herself."

Elsa, a seer known for giving spiritual guidance to Miami's A-listers, was recently treated to some spiritual healing of her own as Marysol and Alexia Echevarria helped cleanse her house of negative energy. In last night's episode, Marysol could be seen giving her mom a specially prepared glass of water with a healing crystal in it.

"[The crystal] has healing powers for the brain, it's supposed to help heal the brain," Marysol says, while Elsa looks at the crystal at the bottom of the glass skeptically.

"It looks like a piece of fish to me," she says bluntly, giving Marysol a much-needed laugh. Watch the scene below.

Meanwhile, Marysol admits that her father has been a big part of her mother's healing process and that it's his optimism which has been giving her hope lately.

"My parents were in the middle of a heated separation and divorce over the past few years, and it took the tragedy of mom’s health to bring them closer together," she blogs. "The one decent thing that came out of mom’s crisis was it brought my parents closer together."

Elsa has also made progress herself: "She still has a way to go," says Marysol, "but when I see her feisty spirit, I know she is on her way back to her old self. At this point, I am pleased with her recovery thus far."

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Hello Marysol! I hope that everything is going well for your mother! I fell in love with her as soon she graced the show RHOM. I am sending her lots of love, and positive energies! In this particular situation, I really hope " no news, good news"! It's an idiom in french " pas des nouvelles, bonnes nouvelles"!

With all my love, and warm wishes!


I think your Mum is absolutely lovely, the nicest and funniest member of any of the Real Housewives from New York to Orange County from Miami to Atlanta.She makes me laugh, she has the best sense of humour. You seem to have a lovely relationtionship, you are so lucky to have her, as she is to have you ...