Marisa Saks, David Cruz, and Justin Bird dish on love, matchmaking and their guilty pleasures.

on Dec 5, 2013 - The Dish

When The Millionaire Matchmaker premieres tonight, Patti Stanger introduces us to her three new assistants. But what do they do when they aren't helping single people find love? Read on to find out who was a star baseball player, who's obsessed with crafting...and who one was once set up by Patti herself.

Marisa Saks

Marisa's not only a matchmaker, she was also a client.
Although she's mum on the current details of her love life, she was once set-up by Patti. "My grandma found an article in Allure magazine and showed my mom. She then called and spoke with Patti and it's all history from there."

Before matchmaking, figure skating was her passion.
"I had all my little rhinestone skating outfits, pink and purple skating guards with my name engraved in them - gloves, headpieces, hairbands," says the Ohio native. "Once I was skating so hard I ended up slicing my hand open on the toe pick of someone's ice skate blade. It was a bloody mess, ambulance, butterfly stitches, the works. I still have a faint scar on my left hand as a memoir of these days."

She studied Drama.
"I did a lot of print work and commercials growing up," Marisa tells the Dish. "I have always been in love with creative arts." Although she's got a steady gig with Patti these days, she sometimes considers what life would be like if she took more traditional route, maybe accounting? "At times I think, too bad I don't just love math. Everything would have probably been way easier. Not as exciting, but easier.

She loves to cuddle... with her dogs.
Marisa considered a career in veterinary medicine and now fosters rescue animals. She says dogs provide unconditional love and "no attitude or drama. Only cuddles and kisses." In fact she loves cuddling with her dogs so much that she admits, "I'm that girl that will sleep in the garage doggie bed with the dog if need be. Yes, that actually happened," she tells The Dish as she cuddled at home with her 12-year-old Rottweiler Bella.

She can't function without exercise.
"I'm addicted to spin class for the endorphin release," says Marisa. "I have to do something active to work up a sweat. Sometimes even something as simple as a 15 minute run outside just to free my mind."

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