Marisa Saks, David Cruz, and Justin Bird dish on love, matchmaking and their guilty pleasures.

on Dec 5, 2013 - The Dish

Justin Bird

Baseball was his first love.
"My baseball career started at the age of 6," says Justin. "My dad played professional baseball for the Reds and Cardinals organization so it was in my DNA. I received a scholarship to go play baseball at Concordia University Irvine. More than anything I miss the competition aspect as well as the camaraderie among my teammates. It was a very special time in my life I will never forget."

He's already proven his matchmaking skills.
Although he's new to the profession, Justin's always enjoyed helping others find love. "It all started in high school where I took a liking to it after a few of my friends linked up together and stayed together. The first couple I set up was my friend Brett with a girl named Jamie. They tied the knot this year."

He's a jet-setter.
"I love to travel internationally and nationally," says Justin. "Anytime I have the chance to visit a new city or revisit an old city I take the opportunity. It’s enjoyable to immerse yourself in the culture, food, and lifestyle of different countries.

He won't rest until he finds the perfect Bloody Mary.
"They're one of my guilty pleasures," says Justin. "I'm still in search for the best around. I’ve tried many around the states. I just cant seem to get enough.

He's a country boy at heart.
Although he loves to bodysurf and hike, the life-long Californian shares, "I love country music, country concerts, southern food, southern women, fishing, boots, flannels, hats. I like it all."

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