The RHONJ star answers 20 of your burning questions.

Sep 19, 2013 - The Dish

What's the best piece of advice you've ever gotten?
The best advice I have ever gotten was from my grandmother, who told me to "be true to yourself and always follow your dreams." She also would say, "if you have a good heart, it will shine through."

Between filming the show and being married when would you write the book? Did you have a favorite place to do it?
I wrote it very late at night from 10pm – 2am after the kids and Joe went to bed. I would nestle in the corner of my couch in the living room. It would be my quiet time to sit and write the book with no distractions.

What's one bad habit or tic that annoys you about Joe, and what's the one thing about you that annoys him?
I hate how Joe holds a grudge for a week when we don’t see eye-to-eye. I’m the type that likes to let it out and then let it go shortly after. Joe would probably say that I always take on too many things and then get stressed out and when I am stressed out that annoys him.

What are your and Joe's favorite things to do together when you don't have the kids?
Believe it or not having a low key night is what we love. We love to grab something quick at a restaurant and check out a movie. Friday nights we spend as a family with the kids and Saturdays we designate as date night.

Besides your husband who would you say you're closest to on the show?
Do the kids count? LOL. Actually, I would have to say Kathy. I spent a lot of time with her well before the show and we live our lives with the same values. It’s always been very easy to get along with Kathy. She was one of the first family members Joe introduced me to and I adore her.

Do you have a nanny or other help besides your hubby that help you on a day to day basis with the housework or kids?
No I don’t have a nanny or housekeeper to help me on a day-to-day basis. I try my hardest to leave the kids with my family when we have an appearance or event. I'm very hands on with my children and it's hard for me to leave them with anyone. I am blessed that my mom, sisters and my aunt are always able to help us. When they aren't, we do have a babysitter that also helps out especially when we are filming the show.

Favorite band?
Creed! I love Scott Stapp’s voice. It just goes right through me.

Do you ever sing to Joe when you guys are at home?
All the time and especially when we are in the car. Joe and the kids actually know every word to all of my songs. We love music in our house.

What made you decide to write a book about marriage when you have only been married for eight years?
9 years actually and I think you need to create a solid foundation early on in your marriage or you won't make it 20 years. People always came up to us and wanted to know how Joe and I keep a fun, playful and flirty marriage. So we decided to share the tips and advice of what works for us. We had a lot of fun writing this book and shared the story of how we met, what tips truly work for us and why we are still as crazy about each other as when we first started dating. Writing the book for me was also a way to share more of how I grew up and became the wife, mother and person I am today. It’s something that I am proud to share with my fans and my kids someday.

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