The real estate head-turner opens up about building her brand while on a reality show.

on Jul 10, 2012 - The Dish0

Heather Bilyeu of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

When she's not causing rifts between high-powered real estate agents on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Heather Bilyeu is working on building up her brand as well. And while cameras following her every move (and relationship), Heather says she wouldn't have it any other way in a a candid interview with real estate site Zillow.

Heather tells the site that MDLLA is "not a typical reality show that gets shot in 30 to 60 days. We film from 8 months to a year, sometimes 4 to 8 hours a day and several days a week. It’s a big time commitment, but to me it’s worth it because I’m launching my business [and] there’s no better way to get my name out there."

When it comes to whether her clients want to be on the show, Heather says she leaves that up to them. "I don’t pressure anyone and everyone has been pretty receptive. But being on a reality show is something that is becoming part of society; perhaps in 10 years everyone will have been on a reality show."

And just because there's cameras rolling, don't think for a second that what you're seeing is scripted or staged for dramatic purposes. "Our show is very real," Heather says. "The drama you see is very real, the clients and everything is real."



I just finished watching a rerun of one of this season's episodes. It was the only one I missed but was out of town. I was really disappointed in your behavior in this episode. In fact, I haven't felt you've been justified in your attitude this whole season. As a woman, and a realtor with many years in the business, I wouldn't have acted so rashly and made myself look so foolish. I think you should take a closer look at your boyfriend and HIS motives in encouraging you to behave in such a way. A True professional would not have chosen a broker's open to air a grievance with another professional. I believe your boyfriend enjoys all the hype, sensation, and notoriety he can get from this show and he's really rather slimy. I hope you check his motives before you allow yourself to act this way in the future-and check your motives while you are at it. I didn't see the same young woman who interacted so well with Madison's family in this episode. I hope the old Heather comes to her senses and realizes she's being manipulated by a man-before it's too late. A word of advice....go have a private sitdown with Madison-if he will do so-and get things worked out between the two of you. Don't let the network and your boyfriend manipulate you. You will thank yourself in the end AND come out looking very smart and very professional in the end. Good luck to you. I really liked you till this issue between you and Madison came up. At this point, knowing that commission is at his discretion, you would catch more flys with honey then with vinegar.