Cats, drinking on the first date and more: Adey, Alex and J. Keith weigh in on dating deal-breakers.

on Apr 1 - The Dish

The guys of Online Dating Rituals of the American Male have some pretty strong opinions when it comes to finding the right partner. And why shouldn't they? We've seen them put up with a lot, including twerking on the first date. Yikes!

When we recently caught up with online daters Marcus Pierce and Brian Reams, we played a fun little deal-breaker game—Red Hot or Red Flag? We learned, among other things, that cutting pizza with a fork and knife is actually a turn-on. To think, we've gone this long without that information.

In an effort to uncover even more dating secrets that could lead us down a path of everlasting happiness (or at least a sloppy first-date smooch), we quizzed fellow online daters Alex Stein, J. Keith Van Straaten and Adey Bennett. Check out their insightful gems of advice below.

Red Hot or Red Flag: Cats
J. Keith: "Hell yeah! Hot, hot, hot. You got one here?" 
Adey: "I think more than one cat is a red flag. Cats are cool, just not in numbers."
Alex: "I don't like litter boxes, litter boxes are gross. No offense, cats poop in a box in your bathroom. It's a turn-off to me. I just respect dogs more. I think they poop in a better area."

Red Hot or Red Flag: Not Having a Facebook Page
Adey: "Eh, that's not a deal-breaker for me. I usually go on Instagram to see other pics. But if they don't have Instagram, then... You gotta have some kind of fingerprint out there."
Alex: "Social media to me is, like, literally a social security number. You gotta have some form of outlet where you can express yourself. It's like she's hiding something."

Red Hot or Red Flag: Cutting Pizza With a Fork and Knife
Adey: "I'm from New York, I don't like that."
Alex: "I'm a big Seinfeld
fan, so that's a turn on. Elaine eats a candy bar with a fork and a
knife—she's a classy broad. She doesn't wanna get pizza sauce all over
her nice dress!"
J. Keith: "Suspicious. If she ate it with a spoon, that would"