"It is truly a harmonious faith," the RHOBH star reveals.

on Oct 9, 2013 - The Dish

When the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns on November 4th, the world is going to meet two new stars: Joyce Giraud de Ohoven and Carlton Gebbia. Fans will be in for another surprise: Carlton isn't just an interior designer, animal lover and mother—she's also a practicing wiccan. In an exclusive interview with Bravo, she opens up about how she got into the faith, what it's like to raise children with her beliefs, practicing magic, and her Halloween rituals.

So how has filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills been so far?
It’s finished and it’s good. I enjoyed it.

Are you excited to see the show?
Yeah, I am.

Are you also nervous?
Yes, I’m sure there are moments when I’m like, “Oh God, did I really do that?” But I think as a whole journey, it was my reality. So that’s all I can say.

Have you become close to any of the women?
I have. Definitely Lisa [Vanderpump] and Yolanda [Foster] and also Brandi [Glanville], I have to say. I mean, I never really got the opportunity to bond with Kim [Richards]. And [new housewife] Joyce [Giraud] and I had a few bumps along the way, but we ended off on a good note as well.

Are there any tensions between you and any of the other castmates yet?
Oh, yeah. I honestly went in with no preconceived notions about anyone on the show. I caught a couple of episodes once I knew it was going to materialize. Who I did think I wouldn’t possibly get on with wasn’t the person I didn’t get on with. I definitely--probably from the get-go and right up until the end--would get gut instincts about Kyle and definitely my intuition about her was right on. So I actually didn’t think I would get along with Kim, but I ended up not a fan of Kyle.

You're also a follower of the Wiccan faith. Can you talk a little bit about it?
I’m considered a sole practitioner. I am Celtic as far as my ancestry is concerned. My grandmother was a pagan but she also practiced witchcraft, which is what I do. So, if you’re going to put a word on it, I would be considered a Celtic pagan witch. But I’m a sole practitioner; I don’t belong to a coven, which is a group of people that believe in the same things.

How did you get into it?
What I’ve always practiced my whole life was from an early, early age. I didn’t do all the studying and reading, I just knew what worked for me and it worked very, very well. You know, I was always drawn to nature and animals and I just had an affinity for the moon. It’s something that I would discover along the way, and then my grandmother would teach me her beliefs. It was a tailor-made faith for me that worked for me and has worked for me.