"It is truly a harmonious faith," the RHOBH star reveals.

on Oct 9, 2013 - The Dish

How do you practice?
Under the branch of paganism, there are different religions and Wiccan is one of them. I take traditions from Wicca and from traditional witchcraft. What I practice is based in harmony. It’s all about Mother Nature. With the pentagram, which is our symbol, or certainly it’s my symbol, it deals with the elements. So it’s my spirit, fire, water, earth, air. It’s [all about] having respect for where we are, where we live and what we live on.

I use crystals, candles, some herbs and I recognize holy days. I use the moon a lot. The new moon is probably one of the most powerful times for me. But I recognize all the phases of the moon which is the new, waxing, full, waning and sometimes the dark moon. It's just the acknowledgment of the cycles of nature, that’s what I can say, and then the seasons. So whenever we have our equinoxes or solstices, I acknowledge that in the Wicca that I do.

What are the biggest misconceptions about being a Wiccan?
I don’t practice dark magic and there’s such a misconception and negative stigma attached to witchcraft. Not everybody that practices Wicca or paganism is a witch, but I do practice magic. Which sounds so bloody outlandish, I know. But it’s all based on positive energy. It’s all about love, it’s about harmony, and just acknowledgment that there is something beyond this universe that deals with miracles and that miracles are at work.

Any others?
Only that under the umbrella of paganism, Wicca or witchcraft or whatever faith you practice, it is not negative. It is truly a harmonious faith. I mean, any religion unfortunately you do have people who practice it negatively. I’ve seen that across the board. Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean to say that it’s bad.

Do your husband and children practice as well?
No, my husband was raised Catholic, though he’s not a practicing Catholic. But he has respect for what I do. He just understands.

As far as my children are concerned, they understand the power of prayer which is a huge thing that we believe in. They have crystals in their room. They understand the power of crystals for different energies. Even if they’re not feeling well, they’ll grab a crystal and put it under their pillow at nighttime. And also prayer candles, we use a lot. I used a lot while I was filming, I’ll have you know. To ward off the evil. (laughs)