"It is truly a harmonious faith," the RHOBH star reveals.

on Oct 9, 2013 - The Dish


Do you encourage your children to practice?
My daughters were asking me about it the other day—do we have to be Wiccan or pagan or what do we have to be? And I said, it is completely up to you. If you find a religion that you gravitate towards and you feel it in your soul, then that’s something that you should pursue. I would never push my children in a direction because it suited me.

Since it's coming up, how does your family celebrate Halloween? Is it different than how other families might celebrate?
Halloween is a pagan new year. Some will celebrate it on the day before. It is just honoring the dead and cleansing and releasing. But yes, I do celebrate. Absolutely.

There are a few things that I do. I don’t do it around my children, I don’t do it around my husband, I do it on my own. The reason is it is such a sacred moment. And anytime, like I said, when it’s the changing of seasons, it’s profound because the faith is based in nature.

On the fun side of that for me, I really do enjoy Halloween as just a fun celebration. We take our children trick-or-treating. They love that. They get dressed up. Last year we had this huge Halloween party which was brilliant. So I celebrate it probably in two different ways.

Do you dress up?
I do. For my children, when they go to school, they have a little Halloween carnival. I usually wear bloody contact lenses, and have blood coming out my mouth. But then when we go trick or treating, I still don’t get too outlandish. But then when we have our parties, that's when I'm wearing next to nothing.

Actually my girlfriend is having a book release party for her first book called Fey, which deals with light and dark fey, and it’s a costume party, which I’m going to in a couple of weeks. And I’m going to be going as a dark fey.

Is that going to involve you wearing next-to-nothing?
Yes, of course!

Watch a first look at RHOBH below and tell us: what do you think about Carlton's beliefs?

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