The Backstreet Boy says he had a "different path" than the socialite on Watch What Happens Live.

on Sep 25, 2013 - The Dish

He was one of the biggest boy band stars in the world, and she was the planet's most famous socialite, but the one-year romance between Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and Paris Hilton didn't have a happy ending.

On last night's Watch What Happens Live, a viewer wanted to know if Carter had talked to Hilton since he wrote about her in his book (in which he described her as a bad influence).

"I have not heard from her since we actually broke up, but I miss her the best," Carter says. "I think we just weren't made for each other. There are just different types of lives. I actually came from a sort of lower-middle-class family, I wasn't really born into money."

Suzanne Somers, the show's other guest, pipes in with an observation: "She has a lot of clothes," to which Carter quips, "Does she? Because I didn't see them that much."

But Carter insists there's no bad blood between the two stars: "I don't fault that that's her life and what she wants to do. I had a different path."

Watch Nick Carter open up about his tumultuous relationship with Paris Hilton and tell us in the comments: were Nick and Paris a compatible couple?