The whole Bellino crew meets Micky... and Minnie!

on Mar 5, 2013 - The Dish0

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino and her family had the time of their lives last week hanging in Hawaii with Mickey Mouse and friends. The O.C. bombshell left all the drama with her castmates at home and chronicled her family’s vacation journey to the Aulani Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina via Twitter. And maybe we're just jealous, but we hung on her every update.

“Hawaii here we come!” Alexis wrote, tweeting an Instagram photo of her husband Jim and kids mid flight, en route to The Big Island. 

After their arrival, the Bellino Bunch had a visit from none other than Mickey himself. 

“Hello Mickey Mouse!” Alexis wrote alongside a collage of pictures featuring the three children riding in the backseat of a car, being gifted leis from resort staff, and mugging for the camera along with Mickey. 

Alexis continued her photo spree with pictures of the entire family with Goofy, and another with Minnie Mouse.

“Breakfast with Minnie and Goofy!!!!! I think I've had my fill of Disney characters LOL! What we do for our babies! #bellinovacation #Aulani”

From the looks of it, the Bellinos had a lovely time doing the hula with Mickey and friends. Her final pic from vacation was an Instagram of the whole family at the Aulani resort. And as always, Alexis is looking glam in head to toe white. 

OK, yeah, we're pretty jealous.




Love her.  She is the only real housewife who actually spends time with her kids.  She is also the only positive housewife.  She is my fav.


Heather never got to know her.She is kind and sweet and you could say alot of the HW are phony like Vicki said.They could not come up with something real true and mean so they came up with phony.

Now after the season is filmed.Gretchen and Tamra are not BFF's and things are changing.Gretchen was not a nice friend to Alexis,Alexis and jim had her and slades back so many times when they had no friends season 5&6..No body in there right mind could think they were true friends.I have watched from the beginning.Season 4 these girls started in.Now i have seen Heather on Alexis instagram sayins nice things.Tamra is better now with Alexis then last season.Lydia likes everyone.Lauri,back just for a few shows. Looks like alot of the fighting is Gretchen and Vicki.Gretchen did not film as much this season tho.

Lex you are Loyal,Watch your back. 


sorry cant stand her!!! PHONEY PHONEY PHONEY, agree totally with Dr Dubrow.

Probably a bit behind the series with you guys as in London just finished "that" season. 

From what we see here in the UK they are all plastic false, continuously stab each other in the back! And what is that saying " i got your back girl" only to get a clear view to put the knife in. Alexis is ruled and domineered by her husband, she is only with him for the $$$$££££.


I saw Alexis and the family there during vacation. I'm a fan but didn't want to bother her for a picture!