The 'Tardy' newlywed shares some tips from her own experience.

on May 25, 2012 - The Dish0

Kim Zolciak in her Wedding Dress

Planning a wedding can be exhausting -- even for celebrities like Kim Zolciak. Perhaps that's why her first wedding planning tip she gave to us when we sat down with her was the following: "I'd say my first one is probably elope."

Part joking, part not, Kim -- who is currently having her million dollar wedding broadcast to the world on Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding -- then quickly went back to beaming bride mode, and gave some good tactical advice to anyone stressed out with the minutae that can come with wedding planning.

Kim tells us that there were plenty of things she could and should have freaked out about in the lead-up to her nuptials. " I didn't have tuxedos 48 hours before the wedding -- they were stuck at customs. I didn't have a cake 10 days before, the flower guy backed out 10 days before, but hey, I was going to stand up on that altar with Kroy regardless." She shares advice that her girlfriends gave her along the way, urging brides to just "enjoy the process," because before they know it, the guests are leaving and the wedding is over.

But when you're Kim, perhaps one wedding isn't enough.

"I want to do it again, but like on a beach somewhere with just Kroy and I. I just want to get dressed up again ... So I can wait a year, have my dream dress made ... I'm going to be getting married to Kroy a lot because I really love him."

Hopefully Kim will feel better on her second "big day," as you can see she definitely wasn't 100% the first time in the preview clip below:

Not a fan
Not a fan

Kim, watched last night. At your shower, you made every attempt you could to discomfort your inlaws. Why could'nt you respect their values and not show them the picture of you in the painted jersey. The fact that you were virturally nude from top and standing next to another man other than your husband must have mortified your mother-in-law. You don't have to change who you are, eventhough you could use some change, but at least think and consider other people feelings. She's your husband's mother and she deserves your respect. I don't know how Kroy can put his family through that. Can't see your relationship with Kroy lasting more than a few years.