Rachel discuss mom duties and how her style has changed since Skyler's birth.

on May 6, 2013 - The Dish0

Although you shouldn’t expect to see Rachel Zoe rocking mom jeans or a pastel hoodie since becoming a mom, she admits to amending her personal style since Sklyer’s birth two years ago.

According to Zoe, large pieces of jewelry are out for daytime (It’s kinda hard to push a kid in a swing wearing 27 chunky bracelets), and definitely no spikes.

“I keep it chic, streamlined, and simple and I save the fun, funky stuff for when I go out in the evening,” she explained to The Huffington Post. “I am a realist so I joyfully embrace the fact that anything I choose to wear needs to be safe and toddler friendly. It will also undoubtedly end up with some kind of finger-paint, crayon, marker or general unrecognizable kid goo on it and I am 100 percent okay with that. I like to think of it as an unexpected accessory.”

Rach knows that some people out there think she hands off Sklyer to the nearest nanny, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I am all over motherhood -- it is an honor, a privilege and a lot of fun,” she exclaims. “Not hands on? Way off base. But if people want to make me out to be something I'm not what can I do? I keep loving my family and being the best mom I know how... With a dash of fabulous just so I don't completely send people into an identity crisis.”




I hope that you get to read this. I'm a 58 year old woman, and as I watch what you do, I wish that I could begin again, and be just like you when I grow up! ;) You're brilliant, hardworking, funny, adorable,  and I learn so much from you.


You have a beautiful family, and I wish you mazel always. You're a winner, and make me very proud, bubela. Now, if you coulld PLEASE tell me where I can buy those gorgeous cat-eye sunglasses you wear often, and beautifully I might add. 


Who knows?  You might answer.


Your oldest, biggest fan.


I am a huge fan.  I had my first child and home on maternity leave when you first came on T.V.  It was such an escape and now home with my second baby you're are back on!  I was hoping you'd return and wish you had more episodes.  Motherhood is a exhausting but this are gifts from God that we will have to answer for.  I am happy to be a stay-at-home mom now!