You'll never guess the theme of the model's birthday bash.

Jul 18, 2013 - The Dish0

Say what?

On next week's episode of Chef Roblé and Co.—the season finale!— the team is tasked with catering one of their biggest celebrity bashes yet: a birthday party for Chrissy Teigen, the fiancé of singer John Legend.

In this sneak peek of the show below, Roblé, Jasmine Ali, and Artie Thompson sit down to discuss the menu and theme. Teigen's got seafood on the brain and decides she wants to call her bash "Chrissy's Got Crabs."

"That is the most amazing name for an event I've ever heard in my life!" Jasmine gushes. And we'd agree! Check it out below.


Roble  I'm a true fan, but stop cussing your sister out and be easy on Artie, he's sensitive, LOL!


The name of the party was alarming at first and then I found the humor in it. The party really looked like fun.


Since season finale hasn't aired yet, was posting it here just because I was following links to try to get to Artie (while noticing Roble's comments to Artie in last two episodes).


If I was Artie (and having done restaurant consulting), I'd reply to some of the disrespectful things said to Artie (classy guy): Roble. Yes, it is "your" name.  I'll tell the guests whatever you want.  If I was running a restaurant with my name on the wall, I'd want to know what the guests are saying/requesting/complaining so that you can be informed and responsibly choose what to do (with your brand).  But whatever you choose to do with your brand, treat me with same respect (and Golden Rule anyone would expect) as I speak and treat you (with Artie's valid duty as coordinator to let the boss know what is happening and being said in the front of the house).


Bosses that don't listen to insights from experienced employees...

They may end up with successful businesses, but their path will be littered with abused people and former friends that were either smart or hurt enough to move on.


As I wrote in a prior post, I'm not religious but remember stuff from Bible lessons of my youth.  One lesson: what does it profit a man to gain the world, but lose his soul?



Inviting Artie to talk and then getting up and walking out on Artie when he hears things he doesn't want to honestly face... well, Roble's immaturity and increasingly evident ego are becoming more and more apparent.


Roble doesn't have to like feedback (from Artie, this or any of the past posts I've been reading today on bravoblog), but someone older than 12 (as recent post of Roble being a boy in a man's body  >>maybe Roble has an ego or personality disorder?) at some point or other would be better served by learning listening skills.


Snapping and verbally abusing his sister, kissing his love-sick assistant (my goodness, Danielle  --learn to respect yourself  >>unless you are consciously/unconsciously losing your soul in the process of falling in love with your 15 minutes of fame and tv time), belittling and berating cutie and loyal Kiku, disrespecting the support and class Artie is bringing to the table...


Initially was looking forward to visiting any future NYC restaurant Roble may do, but now wondering if I should give up watching the show.  Will not continue tuning in just to watch his childishness (unless that's part of the show to watch the "and Co" dealing with Roble's youthful growth spurt?).  Will tune in to season three, but if no moral/spiritual/maturity growth from "the boss," will wish him well (and hope the rest of the "and co" successfully do whatever they have to do to feed their families).


Am hoping roble AND COMPANY can play their cards to still be happy friends decades later.


Egomaniacs can and do build empires (as Roble likes to refer to himself as dictator), but all Napoleons end up unloved and alone (and eventually imprisoned and isolated on islands of their own creation).


Genuinely wishing Roble refines and genuinely (off camera truth time sort of thing) refocuses his talents and the team.  Good luck.