The pressure cooker of the finale brings out the sweat and the spice as our cheftestants wok the streets of Singapore.  

Oct 8, 2010 - The Dish

When the Bravo van full of Cheftestants rolled into Singapore for part one of the D.C. finale, Live Chatterers from across the country hitchhiked close behind to play their part in covering the epic battle between this year's fearsome final foursome.

Right away chatterers took the floor with comments aplenty about Angelo's potential for an edge in the competition due to his penchant for Asian cooking. Take OliveAnne who hated on the location for that very reason. "I so wish it was any place but Singapore," she said. "It gives Asian Man Angelo an advantage since that is all he cooks." But West Coast chatterer and self-professed Gail Simmons superfan Mark begged to differ "I love Singapore. If anyone has a chance to go..GO! EAT AND EAT AND EAT!" Chatroom clown Mimi was more philosophical, wondering, "…what the curve ball will be when they arrive in Singapore?"

Tiffany's much lamented exit last week had left most chatterers split on whom to call their new favorite. Shelly captured the mood when she said, "I think I'm rooting for Ed now, but I'm undecided." East Coaster OliveAnne presaged a fight to the end when she so sagely said, "Cooking is like basketball. A lot can happen at the very end. Things can change." But wait, Olive. Don't the Lakers always win?