The pressure cooker of the finale brings out the sweat and the spice as our cheftestants wok the streets of Singapore.  

Oct 8, 2010 - The Dish

Despite the usual brilliance of the Live Chatterers, the quote of the night may have come from Cheftestant Kelly. Just ask Chatterer Danielle G who quoted, "Don't open Asian cans? That totally needs to be on a t-shirt!" Roger that, Danielle. Word from the merch department is that the shirts are already steaming up the Hudson towards Bravo HQ and should arrive shortly (Note: Kelly bobblehead sold separately).

During the Elimination challenge, Chatterers were skeptical of the Cheftestants ability to work together as a team, especially considering Ed's immunity from elimination. "Ed is nasty," said Zee rather nastily. "Yeah, Ed is going straight for Angelo's jugular," agreed Danielle G before adding, "which is exactly what I'd probably do in that situation!" Put down the knife, Danielle, and release the crying puppy.

Hope probably had it figured out first though. "They can call this a 'team' challenge," she said. "But who are we kidding? They're all in it for themselves....can you blame them?" Maybe we can't, Hope. But we can we at least indulge in the kitchen politics, right?