' Editor is fascinated by the phenomenon known as The Slanket. Let her explain.

on Dec 22, 2008 - The Dish


Alright, you guys, I've held my tongue for awhile on the phenomenon that is The Slanket, but now that it's already Chanukah and it's almost Christmas, I just can't contain my love for this ingenius, albeit creepy, gift idea anymore.

What's a Slanket you might ask? Well, it's a sleeved blanket, or as our talented photo editor refers to it "the best cult blanket ever." It's the Brangelina of the fleece world, if you will. Just as I wrapped my head around the concept and was willing to buy some for friends, I find that they're sold out! Whaaa?! Seriously, this is a call for help! I thought I saw a knockoff in the Bed, Bath & Beyond circular, but now I can't find it, and I have a lot of friends with poor circulation who might go giftless!

Let me know if you've seen any other amazingly ridiculous gifts this holiday season!

- Monica A. Reyhani