Twitpics from the Bravolebrity world this week.

on Aug 24, 2012 - The Dish0

Teresa Giudice in a Bathing Suit
Summer is slowly (actually, quickly) coming to an end for all of us, including the Bravolebrities who we live vicariously through.

Needless to say, they've been enjoying the warm weather and relaxed season to the utmost, as you'll see in our weekly roundup of the best twitpics our Bravo family sends out for the world to see. Teresa Giudice and her hubby Joe seem to be in a good place following the phone call drama on Real Housewives of New Jersey, as they happily posed down the Jersey Shore, and her sis-in-law Melissa Gorga also flaunted her bikini body in a pic of her own. Oh, and Andy Cohen is back!!! Well, kinda -- in twitpic form, but you can also catch him on a special Watch What Happens Live this weekend.

Click the pic below to take a journey through the best Bravoleb twitpics of the week!

Bravo Twitpics of the Week


Teresa and her "husband" look very weird. Teresa, you must have very low self-esteem staying with that frog after the names he called you on national television while talking to his girlfriend!!!


After watching the one on one with Andy Cohen, did Theresa look even more crazy. It seemed that she is still denying her part in all of the issues that have been brought up. Is she still under the illusion that her husband is not cheating on her even though the rest of the world heard him. Is her wrath now going to be directed at her family, it seems that she turns her loyalty off and on with her family and friends , just like a light bulb. I am shocked that the upcoming episodes show Dina turning against her own sister, of course with ms delisusionals help. Perhaps therapy should be prescribed for all that are now fans of these wacko, including her cookbook fanatics. She does not cook. This is just another person using the media to gain notoriety. Wow what have we created. I say a monster. Goodbye bravo, I'm tired of these crazies being allowed in my house. There's is by far the worse