Get the scoop on Ramona/LuAnn's attempt to reconcile, Carole's relationship style, and the rest of Episode 2.

on Jun 11, 2012 - The Dish0

Being that we have a bit of the inside at this whole Bravo place, we saw tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City and the ladies are bringing just as much drama (and laughs) as they did the premiere. Since, frankly, it was too too good not to share, we've drafted up what we'll call a "pre-cap" so you can get a taste of the action now. Why wait until tonight, right?

After last week's rambunctious premiere, the new 'Wives are finding favor with each other (one pair has developed a very cute super fan dynamic), but old foes die hard -- and this episode promises Ramona and LuAnn's parenting kerfuffle will come to blows over pinot-filled hats! Let's examine the episode Wife by Wife.

Aviva: We begin with Aviva and her hubs are having dinner with Heather and her gent. The couple's discuss various topics, vacation homes, career paths, oh, and just how many of RHONY ladies Aviva's ex-husband has slept with. . .


That's right -- after a bit of gossiping last week, Heather confirmed that Aviva's ex did in fact sleep with both Sonja and LuAnn. This officially launches him into same Bravolebrity dating stratosphere as Slade Smiley.

Besides that you'll see a bit of Aviva with her family, which is as delightfully refined as you'd expect, and you learn about her controlling twinges when it comes to relationships. We wonder if that had anything to do with Harry heading out?

Carole: Speaking of free love, this week we find out more about Carole, or "Cool Carole" as Aviva calls her. It seems she's "Livin' on the Edge" in an open relationship with a touring member of Aerosmith.


But don't fret this won't be all you hear of this feller. You'll see a little bit of the couple's dynamic, which includes a lot more riding around in cars than you would think two people over 40 would ever do.