‘Just Desserts’ fans talk fresh fruit, Leno, and sweet, delicious bacon.

Nov 5, 2010 - The Dish

Wednesday night’s Quickfire Challenge seemed to be here and gone as quickly as a double-deep-fried Twinkie at an Arkansas pig pageant. As the cheftestants scrambled to tailor their treats, Talk Bubbler @BeautyBlitz said, “Sometimes my morning routine resembles a Quick-Fire Challenge.” That may be so, Beauty, but when was the last time you made an edible bouquet with your morning coffee? Nevertheless, Just Desserts Judge @Johnny_Iuzzini was just “Happy to see some fresh fruit in the mix.”

“Thanks, @Johnny_Iuzzini,” said cheftestant and Talk Bubble Bravolebrity @zacayoung. “Oh, you mean real fresh fruit!”

When Morgan came up with the idea for chocolate flowers, Talk Bubble host @Bravotv held off on his next handful just long enough to ask, “Aren't all flowers edible?!” Huge shout out to Cheftestant Danielle (a.k.a @bittersweet3) who said, “No silly, some are poisonous” just in time to save @BravoTV from a lethal dose of dandelions!

Next up was the Tea Party Elimination Challenge. No, not that Tea Party.

When the cheftestants were asked to chose two celebrities and whip up a perfectly-paired dessert, Bubbler @sjcaustenite said, “I think my celebrity duo would be Mel Gibson and a bottle of Jack Daniels. What, too soon?” Too soon for Jack Daniels? Never, @sjcaustenite!

Funny girl @Spankyluvsit had another idea for a celebrity pair. “Can I just say if I were on tonight’s Top Chef Just Desserts, I'd make ‘Brangel-ato’!” Yeah, you can say that, @Spankyluvsit, just not around Jennifer Aniston.

For her celebrity pair, cheftestant @bittersweet3 chose noted ginger comedian Conan O’Brien and his mostly silent sidekick Andy Richter, to which @bravotv remarked, “Anyone else think @bittersweet3 will replace her Conan dish at the last minute with something shaped like Jay Leno?” Good idea @bravotv, it would probably get better ratings!

As the chefs presented their desserts, it was obvious that fan fave Yigit was in trouble. @LMoore0831 offered this advice: “Yigit needs to breathe. He looks like he is going to cry.” @doitforvangogh didn’t take @LMoore0831’s advice though, as between sobs, he wheezed “I was just crying for my TV boyfriend Yigit right then.”

Cheer up @doitforvangogh, your TV boyfriend wouldn’t be going home. That dubious honor fell to our favorite Zen baker Eric.

@Johnny_Iuzzini quickly weighed in, “Eric, Chef - You are an inspiration to us all. I admire how you handle yourself. We can all learn something from you.” The chef himself @ericwolitzky remembered the good times, philosophically beaming, “I am so proud of my journey.” We are too, though his sentence would be a whole lot more awesome if after journey he had said “CD collection.” Don’t stop believin’, Eric!

Of course, the night wouldn’t have been complete without a reference to a greased meat by @bravotv, who, right on cue, delivered, “Are we the only ones disappointed that bacon doesn't figure in to any of these recipes?!” Perhaps identifying with @bravotv’s anguish, @CEStephens said simply “Bacon ... not just for dessert anymore.”

Be wise in your travels, Talk Bubblers. And be sure to pop in next week for TCJD Final Four!