"Cardio" and "fun" are in store for the grand opening.

on Feb 28, 2013 - The Dish0

Tamra Barney is officially in the fitness biz!

The Real Housewives of Orange County star and her fiancé Eddie Judge will open the doors of C.U.T. Fitness this coming Saturday, March 2nd, according to the gym’s Facebook page. It’s the perfect time to launch a business, considering the major drama that’s on the way with the premiere of RHOC on April 1st!

Lovebirds Tamra and Eddie will be on location to host the fete, and they’re encouraging locals to bring the whole family down for a day of cardio and fun.

”We have a fun day planned with lots of food, music-demo classes, give aways, local vendors and more,” Tamra said on Facebook. “Bring the whole family….and friends!”

C.U.T. ( “Cardio Unique Training”), located in Rancho Santa Margarita, calls itself Southern California’s largest and most elite group fitness studio, and cites the spread of child obesity as their motivation to start the 6200 square foot studio. From the looks of it, C.U.T. will have all types of exercise classes ranging from Hip Hop Fuse and Pilates to Zumba and boot camps. 

Here’s Tamra chatting about the new venture:

Barney isn’t the only O.C. Housewife in the workout business. Alexis Bellino’s hubby Jim was looking to change gears professionally, so he decided to open a trampoline gym last year. Located in Anaheim, SkyZone Trampoline Park offers classes including SkyRobics and basketball. 

Here’s Alexis talking up the new family business: 

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Congrats Tamra and Eddie on C.U.T. Fitness!!! It looks absolutely awesome. Keep chasing your dreams!!


Gretchen and Tamra do not have a true friendship.It will not last.Gretchen was not Loyal to Alexis last season.Karma is a Bleep................................!


I wasn't a t.v. Watcher until I came down with a illness. I have seen new and mant reruns of bravo shows. I related to Gretchen, having Jeff being so sick but people if she was a true gold digger, they would have been married before the wise happened, she could of gotten pregnant, that would insured her to get a chunk of the money. I believe her no what anyone says. I didn't loke her at first and than asked myself why. I didn't have a reason. You go girl make slade get his finances in order first, it happened to me and I ended up with the debt.Tamara love ya to death I could tell from the beginning you were being controlled so much it wasn't healthy. Was very happy that you have Eddie, I'm still waiting for the guy to come a long that doesn't control me in a abnormal way. So what if it happened befre your divorce. I'm sure very sure Simon screwed around and they always pick an uglier girl. Jealously brings out a lot of the fights. Why can't we be happy for each other instead and embrace it instead of the jealousy. I feel for Vicky I also cant wait for the day to come that I find a bf,it's a tuff pill to shallow when you had it all than things change. You are very lucky that all of you can take care of yourselves. I have to rely on alimony. Love the show, Vicki come back, it's hard to adjust to the new ones when you have been watching since the first eposoide. Can't wait til it starts back up, love watching all of you.