The RHOBH star says she and fiance John Bluher "have an amazing life together."

on Aug 28, 2013 - The Dish0

Taylor Armstrong got the engagement of a lifetime when her boyfriend John Bluher popped the question while they were on vacation in Mexico August 22.

And days later, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is still reeling from the proposal.

"Our engagement was breakthtaking," Taylor tells the Dish. "We are deeply in love and looking forward to our life together with [my daughter] Kennedy."

John asked for her hand at the St. Regis Punta Mita Resort in Mexico. The resort holds special significance for the two. "[It's] where we fell in love," John said. "Taylor was beautiful and never stopped smiling. It was an amazing evening, a ten all around!"

Taylor's second marriage is especially sweet given the tragedies she's overcome: her husband, Russell Armstrong, committed suicide in August 2011.

"I never dreamt I would find this kind of relationships," she tells the Dish. "John and I have an amazing life together." And she's got some serious bling to boot: John proposed with a gold and diamond ring designed by Ari Soffer.

With the couple happily engaged, there's only one thing left to do. "Now it's time to plan the wedding!" Taylor says.

Send your Mazels to the happy couple in the comments and watch Taylor dish about her new beau from the recent season of RHOBH.

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I am a British viewer to the show 'Beverly Hills', so I have just seen the reunion part two of series two, and what I am shocked about is Taylor's hostility towards Brandi! Firstly she insinuated that Brandi had learned to threaten to kill people from her mother? If you've all watched the ''Tea Party' episode'  then we are fully aware just why Brandi said what she did, & kudos to Lisa for defending Brandi, we all know what you've learned from your mother Taylor that's for sure, playing the victim, you love to continuously quote on just what an 'insecure' person you are ,but you also seem to be enjoying bulling Brandi in this episode, So which is the real Taylor one wonders? Well, We REAL people have not been fooled by your pitiful bleating for one moment, my suspicions based on what you have said on the show is that the only reason that you stayed with Russell was not out of fear of him, but out of the real fear that your vain little money hungry self may have had to go back to the poverty you came from.

I've seen many women like you go from being the abused to being the abuser, the episode I've just seen has confirmed this, you loved the attention, and you shame the many thousands of women who have no money to escape their situation, just as you could have done many years ago, that is unless you stood to lose out financially of course, I get the impression that you loved the diamonds too much & the social standing to give up the supposed 'abuse', you have said as much throughout season one and two of the program!! You are not a poster person for domestic violence, you have shown yourself to be as much of a manipulative person and a bully as your former husband was supposedly to have been. All I see is that you are a vapid and  vain excuse for a woman. 


I hope with all my heart and soul, this guy has a legitimate business, his non violent and truly loves Taylor. I hope for Taylor's sake, she's marrying for love and not money.




You may be from Across the Pond, but you pegged this Swamp just right.  Taylor is a bundle of hysteria!

Taylor loved playing the victim and telling (possibly exaggerated) stories of abuse by Russell. 

After being thrown out of Kyles party, Taylor kept saying Brandi exaggerated her stories and I think

it is Taylor who expanded the stories for the Martyrdom Value.

I hope Taylor is happy but usually when you end up with someone else's husband before the divorce

is over, it is not a good sign.

So is Taylor on the show again?  I hope not.