Revisit some of the small screen's most popular pieces as we gear up for The People's Couch.

on Oct 4, 2013 - The Dish

Grab a seat!

The People's Couch kicks off Sunday night at 11:30 ET/PT on Bravo. Based on the U.K.'s popular show Gogglebox, our new social series shows Americans as they watch some of TV's most OMG moments. As we gear up for the premiere, we've ranked some of the most iconic couches in TV history, from the famous (the Simpsons! Married with Children!) to the infamous (no list wouldn't be complete without Tom Cruise on Oprah).

The Simpsons
This couch was so famous it had a starring role in every show opening, where Matt Groenig's varying set-ups with the family were some of the show's highlights. In fact, the couch gag initially had a technical purpose: it was used as time filler depending on the episode's length. So when an episode was running too long, the couch scenario ended quickly and vice versa.

Married with Children
After a long day selling women's shoes, Al Bundy's favorite activity was lounging on his '70s-style couch. One of the show's most memorable episodes happened when his daughter Kelly had a date who accidentally destroyed the piece of furniture, sending her on a wild goose chase to find a replacement.

The Wire
The al fresco location made this an essential place to wheel and deal for D'Angelo Barksdale and his posse. Fun fact: when HBO picked up the series, the set designer had to find a replacement for the sofa he found in a dumpster—it turned out to be a $5,000 investment.