Ash makes chilled meat (Mmm!) and reveals secret crush on Michael V.

Oct 15, 2009 - The Dish


Last night on Top Chef, everyone was sweating it. Literally. Dripping sweat all over the place. Your favorite TC bros Bry-Guy and Mikey V had a sort-of squabble, Eli went "Wahhh!" like a baby, Robin declared did not want to be Eli's mother, nosiree she did not, and Ash made chilled pork tenderloin, which apparently tastes as good as it sounds. MmmmMmmm. Chilled meat. MmmmmMmmmmMmMMm...yeah. Ash got the boot.

Watch the Top Chef recap below, and then check out Ash's exit interview, in which he reveals his epic man crush on Michael Voltaggio. "This is going to sound crazy," says Ash, looking off into empty space, "But [Michael's] a little insecure...he's a funny, funny guy...he's cooky...and funny...and a little shy...and sometimes you have to listen for his weird little comments..." Haha aww, poor Ash. All alone in that sad, cold sequester house...