Michael V and Robin bicker over dessert, and Laurine gets the boot.

Oct 22, 2009 - The Dish


Last night was Restaurant Wars on Top Chef, and Laurine got the boot. In her exit interview she reveals two not-so surprising things: 1. Robin should have gone home and 2. She thinks Jen is just the cutest little blonde chef ever. But before we get to that, let's take a look at the highlight of last night's episode: Robin minor meltdown over dessert.

Now, let's be honest. Who hasn't lost their sh-- over a delicious dessert? If Michael V. tried to step in while I was making ice cream sundaes, you better believe I'd have something to say about it. "F--- you," squawked Robin. "This is MY goddamn dessert!" Dessert: A dish worth fighting for. Annnd roll clip.

Now say one last goodbye to Laurine.