Prepare for tonight's big premiere with some choice moments.

on Jan 7, 2013 - The Dish0

Stassi and Jax on Vanderpump Rules

Are you as psyched as we are for the big Vanderpump Rules premiere tonight? There hasn't been this amount of buzz around Bravo HQ when it comes to a new show in quite some time, and for good reason: It's pretty darn addicting. Drama? Check. Hot cast? Double-check. Everyone sleeping with everyone? Uh-huh. And while you'll have to tune in to tonight's big Real Housewives of Beverly Hills event to get your first look at Vanderpump Rules, we wanted to give you a quick gif-style preview of what you have to look forward to. Trust us, you're going to want to check this show out.

First, allow Lisa Vanderpump to kick off this Gif parade!

Vanderpump Rules Flower Toss

Now that it's official, this is Stassi. She is kinda-sorta the main character of the show, and knows how to bring all sorts of drama. She was dating Jax, until she started dating other co-workers... oh, you'll just have to wait and see in the show. Oh, and when she's not a waitress she's a model who enjoys her, um, assets.

Vanderpump Rules Boobies Gif

Here's a taste of the aforementioned Stassi-bred drama. Oddly enough, this drink toss is only the beginning of a ridiculous night.

Vanderpump Rules Drink Throw

Just two coworkers kissing. Nothing to see here. Carry on.

Vanderpump Rules Kiss

It's freaking party time! Make sure to tune in tonight at 9p/8p Central for the big event!

Vanderpump Rules Shakers


After watching Lisa on D.W.S.,,I started tuning in to the show and she most certainly does RULE. I still haven't figured out how she keeps her sanity while keeping her class. These B-tenders and servers are off the chart. A whole lot of misplaced hormones and poor choices. It seems like they all are CLAWING their way to the top or bottom, however you see it...Plan to keep on watching


jax is hot he should be a male for sale alot of women would buy him how about that hbo show gigilos jax get on that show and well all get the movie channels




Lisa - yes you are very very hot (husband is a lucky guy) but the Sur staff -- they need to drag out the condoms -- seems they sleep with as many people as Charlie Sheen -- what happened to personal responsibility and getting to know someone before having sex????  This is the time when sex could get you a death sentence and not much for 'role models' for the teens watching.  So button up those britches and be more responsible.


I've been looking at all the videos and still photos of the Vanderpump Rules promos and I have to say to Lisa -- "Lisa, YOU are the hottest even among all these younger girls!!"  You're such a gorgeous woman inside as well as outside <3  Love your style, your wit, and admire the life you have built.  You have ALWAYS been my favorite "Housewife" and could not be more thrilled that you have a show of your own.  Keep up the extraordinary work ~ I can't wait for the PREMIERE of VANDERPUMP RULES tonight!  My DVR is set....