The Newlyweds star also shares pics of her son Tarzie.

on Aug 22, 2013 - The Dish

OH-and here’s yet another explanation of baby-torture. Tarzie just figured out how to con me into anything. (Yeah, I know he’s only 2 months old, but kids are getting smarter and smarter these days, and I swear he's doing this on purpose to get what he wants). He now can produce a tiny little drop of liquid from his eye when he cries. (Whereas during his first two months, his eyes were not yet able to secrete actual tears). Right when that little droplet starts to leave his eye is when it all ends for me. Tarzie could tell me that he wanted literally anything-10 more doggies, chocolate breast milk, a new daddy even-and I would do it! (Sorry big-Tarz!)

Speaking of crying, why do babies occasionally cry as if they’ve been beaten, tortured, and starved half to death? Is that another sneaky tactic they have to get us to do whatever they want? Here’s how I know my son if faking me out. Sometimes, Tarzie has the most tortured look on his face when he’s hungry, (accompanied by that "you better haul ass and get my milk because I haven’t eaten for 10 weeks" type of screaming of course), but then when that milk gets within an inch of his face, it immediately turns to a SMILE! What a little con-artist....I’m doomed, aren't I?

He doesn't only use the crying to torture me and get what he wants. He also has this ridiculously-adorable new trick where if you stick your tongue out, he will copy you and stick his out. SO stinkin’ cute. (Sigh...I give up...what do you want from me, Tarzie? The Taj Mahal is yours. Just give me a few days to get to India and back in order to bring it to you please.)

In conclusion, babies are emotional-torture, but it’s the kind of beautiful torture that I am eternally blessed to have. (BRING IT, Tarz Sugandh, I can handle it!!)

I’ll leave you with a time that we turned the tables and recently tortured Tarzie (for a change) during his first big magazine shoot! Poor little newborn was just trying to fall asleep, and that was of course right when OK! Magazine rang our doorbell for his photo shoot! For those of you that saw the picture, the reason he looked like a blob-face in the magazine is because we were holding his head up like a puppet, and trying to get him to open his eyes more than half-way. (We failed to do so, the result being a picture of what Tarzie would look like if we had spiked his breast milk.) OH well! OK! Magazine may have been his first editorial shoot, but I have a feeling it will not be his last! :)