Watch (doll) Lisa grill (doll) Jax and Laura-Leigh over their commode copulation.

on Feb 12, 2013 - The Dish0

VanderDolls: Sex in the Bathroom
Everyone knows there's no sex in the champagne room as well as the bathroom at SUR, but apparently Jax Taylor and Laura Leigh didn't get that memo -- and Lisa Vanderpump is not very pleased with their filthy funny business. Especially the doll version of Lisa.

In the latest version of our VanderDolls series, in which pretty little dolls re-enact verbatim scenes from Vanderpump Rules, Lisa has to have a sit-down over Jax and Laura's VIP bathroom lay-down (just hypothesizing on that one). Health violations aside, that's just not professionally kosher, and Mrs. Vanderpump has to let it be known that doing the deed while on the clock will fly under her watch. And can we just say that Lisa's hot-pink doll outfit is perfection? See for yourself:


I truly felt sorry for Jax and how he's so beaten up by Stossi.  She cheated on him and then accused him of the one who was cheating.  In my opinion he was much better off without her because she is clearly a mental case.  When I saw that he had gotten involved with Laura Leigh I thought it was a good thing for both of them.  However, after Stossi abused Laura (and everyone she come into contact with) Jax is trying to seperate himself from Laura. So he used her and now is dumping her and he thinks that's OK???????  He's a snake and he deserve a lunatic like Stossi.  What a low life he really is.  Hope he gets fired soon.