Her trademark phrase gets a hilarious send-up from the WWHL gang.

on Dec 3, 2013 - The Dish0

NeNe Leakes is known for her quick quips and comments. And now the Real Housewives of Atlanta star's trademark phrases are landing her in a hilarious music video.

In this new video mashup featured on the Watch What Happens Live Youtube page, you can check out the reality TV queen laying down the law like she always does: with the phrase "I am rich, bitch."

NeNe throws the trademark phrase at a variety of Bravolebrities, ranging from Sheree Whitfield to Andy Cohen.

NeNe, who recently suffered a health scare, may have money in the bank, but she's also rich in love these days, thanks to her  recent remarriage to ex-husband Gregg.


Nene,  So happy for you and Gregg. Love seeing that your love brought you two back for a 2nd chance to happiness. My husband and I love watching you. We laugh so hard with your sense of humor. My husband says, you and I would be hysterical to be around because I have a similar sense of humor. I loved watching your wedding. I actually had tears of happiness for you. I am so happy for you and your success, just don't allow that to get in the way of your marriage. I am soooo sorry to hear about your health scare and happy that they caught it.  It could of been such a different results.  Must make you look at life differently. I am so happy to see how you have become the problem solver on the show instead of stirring the pot. You really have grown as a person on this show. I loved the way you had your blonde hair brushed back away from your face. You looked beautiful. My husband agreed. Your ring is gorgeous and you deserve it.  You are a glamma. I love that.  We are grandparents of 9 children and I am sure more will be coming in the future. My husband asked if I am going to change my name to glam ma, since I LOVE BLING. hahaha  Keep that sense of humor, but don't let the fame go to your head. You have come such a long way in life, enjoy it and don't let it get in the way to happiness and successful marriage. I REALLY hope that you and Kim mend things and become friends again.  You two know where you were in each other lives before this show ever came along and opened up such a fabulous future for you both.  I am sure you both are happy for each other.  I hope you two keep in touch. I actually teared up when you two hugged good bye on the reunion show.  NO matter how things ended on the show that caused her to leave, what is more important is what the two of you went through and grew together and accomplished to this time in your lives.  Would really love to see you two be happy for each other and get together WITHOUT the other girls.  She was there for your wedding. Maybe you can be there for her new additions to the family.  Love to see the 4 of you go out to dinner sometime and have some laughs. Life is to short to hang on to negative. Best of Luck to you Nene,  so happy you have gotten the health problems behind you.  Hope someday to meet you... You are one of a kind.  :)