The 'Top Chef' favorite breaks out the bubbly for some good times recipes.

on Aug 16, 2012 - The Dish

Fabio Viviani

Want to know when things are about to get fun? When Fabio Viviani has his party underwear on -- that's when!

And lucky for everyone, that time is now thanks to Fab's new video installment for Yahoo!, and this time he's ready to have some fun, even breaking out a little bubbly for the occasion. The Top Chef fan favorite schools us in some Italian good time grub. In fact, as he declares: "If Superman could mute into a dessert, it would be a ricotta fritter." Mute, mutate -- who needs accuracy when someone's frying balls of cheese?

And, going back to the aforementioned bubbly, Fabio whips up a prosecco cocktail that'll get your night going well and also won't bust your wallet. Mangia!